pudb debugger

Date: January 9th 2016
Last updated: January 10th 2016

pudb is a great GUI debugger. It uses commands from pdb like u (up) and d (down) to move around a call stack and n to process a single step. A cool feature of pudb debugger is the prompt on the last line of your code to restart debugging.

Quick start commands:

command reference
ctrl-p Preferences. Change colour themes etc.
ctrl-l Redraws screen. Useful after changing preferences.
? Help screen.
! Go to the command line.
ctrl-x Exit from command line.
# Run inline using set_trace() (see the figure)
# vowels.py is exactly the same script used for pdb debugger.
python vowels.py 

# Run at command line
pudb vowels.py

Make sure to have appropriate privileges if running the second option (i.e. sudo pudb vowels.py). pudb will exit to a post-mortem screen if you don't. Also, use s to step into functions rather than using n.

pudb screen-shot

Useful resources:

EDIT: On further testing I noted several points. First, if you try to run this inside a python notebook you won't get very far, it will break. Second, if you include a raw_input command (input for py3x), the GUI will temporarily disappear so you can enter a string in the terminal.

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