Date: February 8th 2016
Last updated: February 8th 2016

Notes on setting up virtualenv

Is python 3 install

python3 --version
# Python 3.4.3

check if pip installed on python3

command -v pip3
# /usr/bin/pip3

Make sure Pip, Virtualenv and Setuptools are updated

sudo pip3 install --upgrade pip virtualenv setuptools

install virtualenv (py34)

sudo pip3 install virtualenv

make directory to hold virtualenv

mkdir my_project
cd my_project/

make virtualenv using python 3

virtualenv -p python3 myapp
cd myapp
# activate virtualenv
source bin/activate

check pip3 is in venv

command -v pip3
#returns: /home/ray/my_project/myapp/bin/pip3

which pip
#returns:  /home/ray/my_project/myapp/bin/pip

pip --version
#returns:  pip 8.0.2 from /home/ray/my_project/myapp/lib/python3.4/site-packages (python 3.4)

deactivate the virtualenv


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