Deploy Log

Date: February 25th 2016
Last updated: February 25th 2016

I recently tried to deploy a application on my android phone (HTC ONE Android 4.2.2) and it failed. It failed on account of a zerodivision error occurring when activated by one of my buttons. The zerodivision error was not detected on my computer and only occurred on my phone.

I figured out what was happening by reviewing the deploy log file coming from my device.


1. connect phone over usb
2. ensure usb debugging is activated on the phone
3. buildozer android logcat <typed at command line>
4. open up the application on the phone
5. hit the widget or button with the problem 
6. ctrl-c  <typed at command line to stop logging>

Redacted output

I/python  (15886):    File "./test.kv", line 91, in <module>
I/python  (15886):    on_press:

I/python  (15886):    File "//path/to/kivy/.buildozer/android/app/",
                                line 109, in play

I/python  (15886):    File "/path/to/kivy/.buildozer/android/app/",
                                line 34, in generate_data

I/python  (15886):    ZeroDivisionError: float division by zero
I/python  (15886):    Python for android ended.

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