Query many to many relationships

Date: March 15th 2016
Last updated: March 15th 2016

Accessing records involved in a many to many relationship requires an inner join on all reference tables. The example I use here refers to the tables and data created previously in many_to_many_relationship.

The objective of this query is to sum the cost of vet_visits for each animal and combine those totals with their owners. Some things to note in the database schema and the following query:

1) the vet_visit table holds a column that references the patient table so my first execute command is to join the patient table.

2) the ownerpatient table references the patient id and owner id (this is a table required for the many to many relationship).

3) after an inner join is created for the "many to many reference table", the owner table can be accessed. I have joined the table so I could access the owner names.

Query many to many relationship

import sqlite3

# connect
con = sqlite3.connect('gitbook.db')

# cursor
cur = con.cursor()

# execute (owner, pet, sum(cost))
cur.execute('SELECT SUM(vet_visit.visitprice), \
                        patient.patientname, \
                        owner.ownername \
             FROM vet_visit \
             INNER JOIN patient \
             ON patient.patientid == vet_visit.visitpatientid \
             INNER JOIN ownerpatient \
             ON ownerpatient.patient_id == vet_visit.visitpatientid \
             INNER JOIN owner \
             ON owner.ownerid == ownerpatient.owner_id \
             GROUP BY owner.ownername, patient.patientname;')

rows = cur.fetchall()
for row in rows:

# commit and close

Note the values are repeated for each owner.

(506.0, 'peanut', 'ray')
(231.0, 'rover', 'ray')
(86.0, 'tinkles', 'ray')
(231.0, 'rover', 'richard')
(506.0, 'peanut', 'suzy')
(231.0, 'rover', 'suzy')

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