To do:


  • email confirmation on registration

User profile

  • Profile options:
    • Privacy:
      • Ask if the user wants to be public or private (need to add "flag" in Surfer model)
        • public: all users can see their surfer profile page (stats, group affilitations etc)
        • private: only a user_index page is visible (currently "index" -> forward slash url)
    • Delete Profile (rejoin later on - temporary leave)
      • require authentication
    • Delete User (re-register later - permanent)
      • require authentication


  • Allow creation of a group (unlimited?)
    • group_creation page needs to allow picture upload
  • On save of group_creation go to group index page
  • The index page:
    • The rest of groups ordered alphabetically, then numerically
    • On (join) button click of group_request_button send email to Creator and Update Alerts inbox

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