Missing keywords

Date: January 2nd 2016
Last updated: January 4th 2016

So, if I don't use del, what other key words am I not thinking about. There are 30 python keywords. In no particular order and without cheating, here are the ones I know...

del print class import or
for return def is if
in str while and else


Here are the ones I missed or dont know...

assert except pass not yield
break finally exec raise
continue global lambda try

13 more, with three I don't know.

EDIT (3/1/16):
The list provided above was taken from Python for Data Analysis by Wes McKinney. The list of keywords given for python 3 in Python programming: an introduction to computer science by John Zelle is slightly different. The list of keywords has 34 entries, omitting several from the py27 list: exec and print. The new entries include:

None False True nonlocal from

EDIT (4/1/16):
Use the following code to find keywords available on your system

import keyword

# ['and','as','assert','break','class','continue','def','del',
# 'elif', 'else','except','exec','finally','for','from','global',
# 'if','import','in','is','lambda','not','or','pass','print',
# 'raise','return','try','while','with','yield']

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